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Cr: EG SIM Card website

On my previous trip, I rented the Olleh Egg Wifi & enjoyed unlimited wifi throughout the trip. This time round I tried something different, EG SIM Card.

I must say that this is a great alternative to the Olleh Egg Wifi too! Its coverages are very good, and I love how easy it is to top up the card. The only more not-so-easy thing is when we make international phone calls. They had us dial a number, choose a language before dialing the number you want to call. So it was a little inconvenient.

It would be best to purchase the card online and then go to the respective collection point to collect the cards. You can purchase them at We were at Gimhae collecting our cards and there were other travelers wanting to purchase the cards but they are all out of stock. So to avoid disappointment, you are strongly recommended to purchase it before flying.

Basically, how the credits in the card work is, say you top up a 20000won card and decided that you want to buy a 1gb data plan which cost 15000won, they will deduct the amount of 15000won from 20000won in your card, and you will have 5000won left for your phone calls.

I’m not someone who calls often, just needed some credits to ring home every night for a while, so the 5000won was enough to last me for about 6 days. EG SIM Card has a mobile app that can allow you to top up your card using your credit card. The manual they gave said that it is possible to get the top up cards from 7-11, fam marts, but nooooo been to a few but they didn’t have it.

Little Miss Hoo made a very good post about the card, so you can take a look at her post:

I flew into Gimhae Airport in Busan, so instead of collecting it from Incheon International Airport, I had mine collected at Gimhae International Airport. They have choices for you on the type of sim card you have when you buy the card online. There’s the normal, micro and nano sim card to choose from, and the nano sim would be more expensive to get.



It is a small counter called Premium Travel Center located between gate 1 and gate 2. The staffs made sure the card works on your phone before you leave so you may check with them if you are facing any problems.


How to choose whether to get the Olleh Egg or EG SIM Card:

If you are using more than 1 device to connect to people (E.G.laptop, ipad, tab & so on) –> choose the Olleh Egg. It can allow up to 5 devices to connect to it at the same time, & because Olleh Egg has unlimited data usage, it would serve you better.

Travelling to smaller cities –> choose the EG SIM Card. The coverage of the EG SIM Card definitely works better than the Egg wifi reason being it is like a normal phone line. So everywhere you go, you get your line and your data running. Olleh Egg might have good coverage but when it comes to smaller cities, it doesn’t work.


Hope this post helps and you can also check out my olleh egg wifi post over here:


PS: This is not an advertisement, I paid everything myself.



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  1. Hi!

    Thanks for the post. May I know how long before ur trip that you made an online order of the eg sims card?


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