Yeosu: Day trip to Yeosu!



So I went from Busan to Gwangju to spend a night at my friend’s house before heading out to Yeosu the next morning. My friend’s mother was very nice to fetch me from the bus terminal, make sure I get fed well for dinner and breakfast before we head off to Yeosu.

We took a bus from Gwangju bus terminal to Yeosu and the journey took about 2 hours (butt rot session). One thing great about all the bus journeys, we can always count on it to catch up on our sleep. My friend and I were lacking in our sleep so much, so we just slept throughout the journey to Yeosu.

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Tongyeong, the beautiful port city



Tongyeong is a city along the South eastern coast of Korea. Back when Lee Sun Shin (the Admiral you guys get to see standing in Gwanghwamun in Seoul) was alive, this place was where he set his command post to be at.  The city is situated by the coast and a place where the fishing industry continues to thrive.

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Baseball games in Korea!


 Lotte Giants game at Busan Sajik baseball stadium

I love love love my experiences in the stadiums, be it in Lotte’s game, or other team’s. Baseball is big in Korea, and one of the entertainment that Koreans go for. In the stadium, you can see people coming from school, work, coming to the stadiums for class excursions, family excursions even.

Before heading in, you will see lots of stalls outside the stadium selling snacks like fried chicken, sausages and many more, & also people bringing in bags and cartons of pizza, beers. It like a happy eating, drinking, singing, shouting session.

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I’m back!!



So hello everyone! I’m back from my Korea trip! (yes I know, I need to stop heading there) & it ended on a not-so-good-note because my luggage got delayed. Hu.

&&& it just arrived at my doorstep. YAY! so afraid it might be lost. All of my stuffs are inside. T^T

This trip is just so so so short. How I wish it could be longer, or rather, how I wish every trip could be longer.

I thought this would be a more relaxing trip but it ended up being more tedious – the downside of wanting to do everything.

Nonetheless, this trip was enjoyable! – with a dream come true.

More details on my trip in the posts to come! For now, I need to unpack my stuffs.