Cafe hopping on a lazy day



On such a lazy and humid day, cafe hopping doesn’t seems to be the best thing to do. But my butt couldn’t sit still at home, which is why I still forced myself out of my bed to walk around and be a tourist in my own country.

I headed to Telok Ayer station and walked down Telok Ayer street, in search of a bakery name Sophie.

I swear the weather has to be kidding me. Just minutes ago, it was raining, and when I reached, it was hot and humid. I had to lug my heavy bag and walked down the street, only to find the cafe non air-conditioned. Someone save me please.

Despite the humidity, the furnitures and the bread made me just want to sit and people watch over there so much, and so I did. Their croissants there definitely is worth the heat! It’s buttery and crispy at the same time. & it doesn’t taste dry.

I guess it has been damn long since I got the chance to just laze around and watch my surroundings. While everyone was driving and walking past, I was just there sitting, and enjoying and wasting my time away.

But the heat is seriously too hot to bear! I ended up walking up to Telok Ayer station and sat in The Muffinry drinking some soursop smoothie. I remembered passing by this cafe at night and it seems quite crowded, which is why I love cafe hopping in the afternoon. It’s so quiet and we can just do our own stuffs here. Just grab a drink and I can sit for almost the whole day.

Now I’m just cracking my brain trying to figure out where to go for my trip. & waiting for the baseball game tonight to start.



I’m always fascinated by all the shophouses that have remained in Singapore. Despite many of them being tore down to make room for more developments, I feel that the government is still doing a very good job in keeping them. Heritage places like this, Telok Ayer, Tanjong Pagar, Chinatown, Haji Lane, Little India and so on. & these places are getting more and more vibrant due to the new businesses that are sprouting out in these areas. Colourfully painted shophouses, lined up with cafes, shops & some old businesses that remained in this areas, they brought vibrancy to these plain looking heritage buildings.

Now, let me just sit here a little more and let the rain pour down as I type 😀




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