Close to departure


The story of my life. Every single time I am travelling, my baby is the one I miss the most. How I wish I can pack him in my luggage too~

Cant wait to fly off tomorrow!! Its gonna be a fun one!


Electric Run in Singapore!




Okay I know it’s been so long since my last post. Getting lazy to even sit in front of my computer.

Went for Electric Run 2 weeks ago and it was pretty cool! It’s my first time participating in such runs and I find that it was really hype – and a little overrated. But the efforts the committee placed to make this run happen probably have super creative brains. Every station was so nice, instead of running, everyone was just taking tonnes of pictures.

To think I was planning to shed some fats kekeke~


Nahhhhhh, too excited for my upcoming trip! 4 more days to my departure! & because the team won the match today, I am even more excited to catch them at the stadium live <3.

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