Konkuk University Station (건대잎구역) Line 2 – Station #212, Line 7 – Station #727

Definitely on my must-go list now!

Seoul Sub→urban


Before starting this post proper, we’d like to extend a big ‘thank you’ to Nathan Greenberg, who invited us to visit the Kondae area, gave us a bunch of tips, and met up with us to show us around.  Nathan plays in the band Tierpark and is a co-founder and writer for the music website The Ampeater Review.

Konkuk University Station, like a lot of other stations in the city, is situated at the intersection of two large roads, in this case Achasan-ro (아차산로) and Neungdong-ro (능동로), dividing the neighborhood into four neat quadrants.  Each quadrant has a distinct character, so, like a boxing doubleheader, let’s take a look at what’s in each corner.  We’ll start northeast of the station, at the university that gives the station its name.


When I arrived, I stepped out of Exit 4 and took an immediate left so that the Konkuk University hospital…

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