6 must haves when I travel


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Its the time of the year, where I start to slowly pack things into my luggage and engage in another war (my room is the war zone). I love travelling, but really hate the thought of packing my stuffs. I’m a little picky about what I use and wear, if not, I would totally just bring nothing overseas.

Time to do up my packing list and roll out my luggage which has been sitting around collecting dust. Out of the list of things I would bring along with me, these are my must-haves when I travel:

#1 – Notebook & Pen
Not something everyone would bring, but notebook is a must for me. I love jotting down things on my notebooks before, during and after the trips. I have really baddd memory, so I use it just so that I can list down the places I want to visit, some additional notes to help me remember what happened on my trip. It also acts as a travel journal when I pen down feelings. Some people uses social networks like Facebook and Twitter to mark down what happens but some stuffs are just too personal to post it online.

I once forgot all about it while getting too excited to head Europe, and I had such a hard time trying to recall what happened.

Pen because, we all have to fill up immigration clearance form, & for communicating with people who don’t understand you, it is definitely a plus.

#2 – Facial care products
As mentioned, I’m really picky with some products and these have to be one of them. I have a bag, if not 2 bags of it (one smaller bag for flights, everything below 100ml). After applying moisturizers for so many year, my face feels weird without having it. It’s a plus especially when you head to countries with dry weather. One con would be, there are really heavy. So whenever I have the chance to, I would ask for sample size products so that I can bring them on my trip, unless it’s a really long ones.

#3 – Umbrella
Something you would never want to leave your house without. Yes of course, you can buy 1 when it rains/ snow, but what if you are stranded somewhere deserted when that happens and you can’t find any umbrella vendors around. The one I have is folded, extremely light and skinny, and sturdy as well. Invest in a good one, and you will see why one day.

I had to walk in the rain & the weather was about 5 degrees, and it was freezing cold. Shops were all closed because it was late at night, and that was when I realised, I really needed an umbrella with me all the time.

#4 – Jacket
This item here sounds really silly, but I do know of people who travel without it, especially when they think that they are travelling to a place and they are having summer right there. Couldn’t emphasis how much wrong you’re doing over there. What makes you think a country experiencing summer wouldn’t be cold. Be it rain, wind or a sudden change in weather, the jacket comes in handy. The temperature might not dip to freezing level, but it definitely helps to keep you warm on morning or nights when you want to spend it outdoors. And not forgetting, by keeping yourself warm would prevent you from catching a cold on your trip, which is probably one of the worse thing that would ruin the trip.

#5 – iPod
This. Not for me shut myself out from the world, but more of a companion when I am travelling from one point to another, be it being in a plane, bus or ferry. I’m so used to plugging in my iPod for overnight flights just so that I can get a good night sleep because the sound of the engine disturbs me so much. As much as my iPod is part of my trip, I would never want to plug it in throughout the whole trip. After all, travelling is for us to experience the place with all of our senses. I have a travel playlist that keeps me in the travelling mood too & it often helps, especially when you are in a city so far away from home and you are still constantly thinking about work or stuffs that are troubling you.

#6 – Camera
Reason why I would be willing to spend more money on a better camera rather than a point-and-shoot camera. Of course, it is possible to keep the memories without a camera, but somethings are just too pretty not to shoot and keep. It also acts as a very useful tool when it comes to taking down pictures of bus/ train schedules, or certain signs that leads you to a place. With my camera, I also often bring along a mini mini mini tripod (i’m pretty such everyone will laugh at how small it is, it’s just the height of my camera), which is great if I am travelling alone and no one is around to help me take a picture.


So now, what are the musts in your packing list?


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