Over the hill



Baby at the top of the world

Meh, I was too busy too tired recently. But I had the chance to cycle my dog up to the hill behind my house and see some people fly enormous kites! It’s great, I get to exercise, baby get to head out, & i bet he miss peeing and shitting wherever he likes in public. -.-

I should’ve stayed for sunset that evening because the sunset was so gorgeous. But the thought of being so carefree, with the company of my baby and the wind, it was a great evening spent. I really ought to do this more often, another great way to de-stress.


Valentine’s day was over but I headed out with my friend for her birthday and we went to Stranger’s Reunion since cafe hopping is getting oh-so-popular recently. I must say that it’s because of these cafes, they are making cafe hopping so addictive. Stranger’s Reunion served great waffles! We had the one with Greek Yogurt and we licked the plate clean. I guess it’s because of Valentine’s day, it felt more like a restaurant where you have people going in and out of the place so quickly. Definitely have to try going there when everyone is in school or at work, and just chill and people watch.


& I need to stop stop stop thinking about going elsewhere until I come back from all the trips I’ve planned. My pockets have really big holes now because I’m going to more place than I can afford. .___.


&&&&&& red hair for the win!




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