Happy Valentine’s day!

/brush away the dust


Hello there! I know I haven’t been mending this place for so long. Work’s been really busy. But I though since today is Valentine’s day, I should write something. So this month was Chinese New Year and we had like crazy 3 days, and I’m having even crazier month. I hope I go strong till the end of the month. 😡


& WAH! Korea was having the point accumulation program for year 2013 and I was sooo delighted I came in first for the whole thing (does that means I’m blogging too much?) and won the first prize – a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Reallllllyy grateful because it’s the latest edition, with LTE.

People living in Singapore, you guys can check out WAH! Korea if you haven’t. They are great! They have tonnes of programs like cooking lesson, dance lesson, plan you Korea trip sessions and so on.



Here’s my pretty Samsung Note and a beautiful box of Korea photobook I won. yay!

& I went on a secret trip to USS. The weather was so nice, there were no queues, and we managed to finish everything that day. The only thing was the battle star galatica was not open. -.- its like going to a birthday party without the birthday star.



Im excited with what’s after all the hectic (once again). We chinese have a saying – 先苦后甜. My sweet days are coming soon!

Start to KBO 2014 season – 42 days

Korea trip 2014 – 75 days

Taiwan trip 2014 – 106



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