[REVIEW] Busan Ms Egg Guesthouse – Haeundae



I saw this guesthouse online and the reviews were pretty good. Most of the clients seems to be coming from Asia, and it seems really not bad. The furnitures and place looks really pretty and new, however, it was a little far from my expectations.

Let me first start with the location. The guesthouse was really easy to find, just right beside one of the mall in Haeundae and near the Haeundae bus terminal. Take a 10 minutes walk along the main road and you will be able to reach Haeundae traditional market and Haeundae beach. The guesthouse is on level 3, and that building has no lift, so you have to pick up your luggage and lug it up, and roll it down when you leave. Maybe it was my fault that I did not let the guesthouse owner know my arrival time, when I reached, no one was around to receive me.

I called the number that was left on the door, and the guys said to open the door because it is not locked, and to go into my assigned room. The room key, pillow case and a towel was prepared for me. I looked around and saw the wifi password pasted on the main hall’s wall. There were 3 cats in the guesthouse, really really cute. But their feces were stinking the whole place. They were also running around the whole place, definitely not a good place for someone who is afraid of cats.

The rate that I was paying, I was satisfied. A bed to lay on, with heater during that period, good enough. But I thought it would be EXTREMELY nice to inform that you guys have cats in the guesthouse. I’m not afraid of cats, but for those who do… they will probably freak out real bad.

John, the manager, was often not around. So I had no one to ask about going anywhere. Thank God I did lots of homework, and the internet has lots of information on Busan. I guessed he probably has lots of appointments, he was always not around to receive guests, which meant the guesthouse door was often not locked. Not once when I reached back the guesthouse, I had to use the password to go into the guesthouse. The door was just left unlocked all-the-time.

I must say I’m not a very picky person, but to have a lot of guests coming in and out of the guesthouse and have the cleanliness not kept, I find it really bad. The beds were nice, the room has both heater and air con, and I really felt comfortable in my room. But the moment I leave the room…

The toilet was a mess! I stayed 4 nights there, but only seen the placed being cleaned once. There was no refill for the shampoo and shower gel provided and I was lucky to have gotten it when I was on the way back from Daegu. The toilet lights were down and we had to do our businesses in the dark AND without toilet paper. Nothing feels worse than not being able to shit properly because you are so afraid you do not have enough toilet paper to use.

There were a few incidents during my last few nights there that happened to some other guests that booked the guesthouse, and I was pretty shocked at their unprofessionalism.

They are giving 30% off for the stays there but, no matter how cheap it is going to be, I don’t think I will ever stay there again. Neither will I recommend people this guesthouse.

Busan is a very beautiful place, second favorite after Jeju Island, but this guesthouse just ruins some of part of the memory.

Choose wisely people. Now I’m a little paranoid about booking guesthouse in Busan. I hope the one I booked this time round is good.


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