[REVIEW] Gwangju Namdo Guesthouse


I just realised I didn’t take any picture of the place nor the signboard outside the guesthouse. ~.~

I booked this guesthouse only a few days before taking off to Korea, was a last minute decision but I really liked this place.

This place only spells HOME in another land. It’s just like any other houses in Korea, just that this house has a lot of foreigner & different faces going about everywhere. There’s 3 rooms, which can house to near 12 guests at once. 2 toilets to share among everyone. There’s also breakfast available every morning.

Mr Park buys fruits and replenishes them and encourages us to finish them. Bananas, oranges, persimmons and lots more. There’s eggs and milk in the fridge, and if you have things that needs to be chilled, you can store them in the fridge too. There’s also bread and toaster, stove, mircrowave, hot water, cold water, basically everything you can find in your home, you can find it there.

There’s towel available though kinda small, but definitely enough. Mr Park does his laundry every day, so the towels are freshly cleaned too. He also does cleaning everyday, so the guesthouse always feels clean when you come back from a tiring day outside.

I was there in autumn and it tends to get really cold in the morning and at night, so we didn’t have aircon. But the aircon is there, so in case it’s summer, I suppose you can use it.

It’s a few stops away from Gwangju Bus Terminal, probably about 10mins by bus. So it is pretty accessible. They have convenience stores right at the ground level, and also some other eateries and convenience stores down the street.

One thing I really liked is Mr Park’s hospitality. He makes you feel comfortable, talk to you and find out where you’re heading, gives you advices or recommendations. Mr Park speaks good english and mandarin, so for those who know nuts about speaking in Korean, you need not worry about language barrier here.

Really enjoyed my stay there, should I be back in Gwangju again, I will definitely be back in Namdo Guesthouse for my stay. Thank you Mr Park~!

For those who want to find out more, you can check out the website: 광주게스트하우스 http://blog.naver.com/dewpark


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