[REVIEW] Busan Ms Egg Guesthouse – Haeundae



I saw this guesthouse online and the reviews were pretty good. Most of the clients seems to be coming from Asia, and it seems really not bad. The furnitures and place looks really pretty and new, however, it was a little far from my expectations.

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Q: Best way to drag yourself out of the country?


A: Buy air tickets on impulse.


After that, you are sure to save up for the trip and start planning for the trip. Worse come to worse, head there without any plans, and eat bread everyday. 

At least you are outside of your country… keke!



So far so good



2014 is here and i’m starting to feel the hectic. My mind is still somehow living in 2013. What’s up for the rest of the year? I have yet to sit myself down and think. I have tonnes of resolutions on my list, and I kind of doubt half of them is going to be fulfilled at the end of the year – that’s pretty much how everyone’s resolution ends up like, isnt it?


For 2014, I just want to be a more understanding, accepting, and less grumpy person. I think I kind of sound like an old grandmother sometimes, complaining about everything. & probably save up some money. Make my bank account look a little fatter, so that I don’t suffer when I grow older. My friend has been drilling into me that life is very expensive and lots of money is needed to do lots of stuffs. /looks at the plane that just took off from the runway So yes, more savings. Sooooooo doing this, hopefully keeping it till the end of the year:



I just came back to work on Monday for the first time this year and I already felt like I have been toiling for the past few weeks, or months. Things are starting to get busy, which is good somehow. Busy is always better than nothing to do. Time pass faster that way heehee.

Can’t even believe I’m turning 23 this year, but still acting like I just graduated from school. Hu. THERE’S A KID IN ME – 24/7.


& of course, there are happy things in life too! 2014 just started and i’m counting all my blessings already. Too many to begin with. Count it with a counter and see how many blessings, big or little ones, you have by the end of this year. Definitely make yourself more thankful for life.


& signing off with a picture I have been flooding all my friends recently. 29th Mar 2014 come quickly! Can’t wait for the season to start!


롯데의 강민호 롯데의 강민호 워오오오 워오오오~~~


[REVIEW] Gwangju Namdo Guesthouse


I just realised I didn’t take any picture of the place nor the signboard outside the guesthouse. ~.~

I booked this guesthouse only a few days before taking off to Korea, was a last minute decision but I really liked this place.

This place only spells HOME in another land. It’s just like any other houses in Korea, just that this house has a lot of foreigner & different faces going about everywhere. There’s 3 rooms, which can house to near 12 guests at once. 2 toilets to share among everyone. There’s also breakfast available every morning.

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