Looking back into 2013

When it comes to the 31st Dec 2013, people all around the world wishes for the upcoming new year to be a better one. They spend their last few hours of the year drinking and making merry, forgetting whatever happened that happened on the last day of the year because they had such a bad hangover, some sit themselves down and make a list of new year resolutions.

But as we step into the very last phrase of the year, the last few hours, I thought the most appropriate thing to do and will make your new year a better one is when you give thanks. Giving thanks to not only the good things that have happened, but the bad things that have happened and somewhat made you stronger, and the ability to stand here and face another new year.

Keeping a positive mindset is a good, but only when you are thankful for everything that you have, you can see that the new year need not be good for you to stay happy. Simple things like having clothes to wear, the luxury of sitting in front of a computer to read whatever I have to say, or even just by being alive is good enough to let you feel that 2014 is good, sometimes better.

For 2013, i’m thankful I strike off some of my bucket list, found a new hobby, thankful for friends who didn’t give up on me, who and what mattered in life, did a solo trip, have improved relationships with my family.

And because I know that by being thankful, I could easily conquer all the negativity I have in my life, because I have so much more than lots of people in other parts of the world, and that’s when 2014 turns into a happy 2014.


Happy 2014 everyone!


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