[How to] Usquare Tutorial – Buses for Jeolla area


Usquare is the name of the bus terminal in Gwangju. And the buses there are under the bus company kumho. I really like the buses there though. They just look so new and comfortable. The staffs at the terminal are really nice too.

Spent about 4 days of my trip departing from this terminal and I thought I could do a website tutorial on how to use it and I think it will come in handy.


PS: This website has no english platform. So you need to at least know how to read characters to choose your departure and destination. You can pick them up quickly at http://www.joop.in/Archive/learn-to-read-and-pronounce-korean-hangul-in-2-days/ & http://www.learnkoreanlanguage.com/learn-hangul.html if you would like.

The website for Usquare is http://www.usquare.co.kr


You will get to this page when you type in that address. I’m not exactly sure of the reason, when the page loads for me, some parts are gibberish and I can’t seems to figure out why, even with Internet Explorer. So I make do with whatever I can read there on that page.



Hover over the bus icon, click it and a popup like the above picture will appear. Now here comes the challenging part. They have 2 different tabs for different types of buses, 고속버스 which meant express buses & 직행버스 and direct buses. Tbh, I thought they were the same initially, they are actually quite different. The Express buses in this page generally start from Gwangju. Express buses are a little more expensive but saves more time. Whereas for Direct buses, it isn’t exactly direct, some routes stops at other terminals before you reach your destinations, it is cheaper but takes a longer time compared to express buses.

Express buses starts from Gwangju and it serves a few places, mainly the west side of Korea and the Southeastern cities like Busan and Daegu.



You can choose the destination you would like to go from the drop down list. Some of the places that has Express buses from Gwangju are: Daejeon, Dong Daegu, Dong Seoul, Masan, Busan Nopo-gu, Busan Sasang, Suwon, Ulsan, Pohang and many more. The map besides the drop down box shows what are the cities the express bus goes to.

So for example, you choose to go to Dong Daegu, you will have the details in the 02. section on the right side of pop up window. It shows the route and time it will take, how much will it be, and also the timings of the buses.




And then we have another tab called the 직행버스, which basically serves every other places the buses in Gwangju goes to, and as you can see, it’s a chunk of alien language for those who don’t know how to read Korean. For this part, you can choose the starting point and the destination. The starting point is limited to the drop down list but the destinations have basically every name. The starting terminals would be Gwangju, Mokpo, Suncheon, Yeosum Haenam, Jeonju, Daegu and Gongju.

Say I would like to depart in Jeonju and head to Ulsan, I simply choose 전주 and then some popular routes will come out.


Choose the route you would like to and you will be able to find details on the right section of the popup window. So for Jeonju to Ulsan, it is an express bus because they indicated it beside, it cost 18,500 for a standard ticket and runs 4 times a day.




Another way to search is the destination by korean alphabets. Say I would like to go to 지도 from 목포, I choose Mokpo from the drop down list and click on the ㅈ character to look for places that starts with ㅈ. And then they will show the available routes to Jido.

From the details provided, you can see that there are different locations that the bus would go other the Jido. So it shows that from Mokpo to Jeungdo Bridge costs 8,300won, and some other costs for different places.


There are also times when you will not find information about the route you would like to take, simply because they do not service the destination you would like to go in that area. There’s bus to Jido from Mokpo but not from Jeonju, So when you pick the route from Jeonju to Jido, they will say that it is not available.



And that’s pretty much it! Hope this makes planning your trip easier and feel free to drop me a question below 😀

Usquare is a very nice terminal. It’s big and has lots of shops for you to grab your stuffs. Eateries and cafes like KFC, Lotteria, some Jap restaurants for your to have your meal while waiting for the bus. They also have convenience stalls for those who don’t have the luxury of sitting down to have a meal. Usquare has some beauty and souvenir shops like The Face Shop, and also a large bookstore to walk around while waiting. There’s even an E-mart beside the terminal.

The terminal is kinda big and has about 30+ berths. Each berth will have a clock to show the next departure time for the bus. And the buses leaves on time. During my 4 days over there, I missed a total of 2 buses. T^T However, the staffs were really nice and changed my tickets to the next departure timing when I told them the bus left.


The other thing was, the staff likes to give you the earliest available bus, even if it means a few minutes away. So very often than not, you see people running in the terminal, trying to catch the bus which is about to leave. So if you are not in a rush, you can get the staff to give you a departure that is later.


I have some other websites that can allow you to check for buses but i’m a little lazy to do them for this year. I might end up only finish them the next year. Gna enjoy the last 2 days of year 2013.


Have a great last-days-of-2013 and also great countdown! I’m snooze in bed while the world steps into 2014. Hahaha!


Happy New Year everyone!


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