Merry Christmas everyone!!



Indeed, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! and while everyone is celebrating and gathering with their family, I just like to take this time to thank Jesus for being born. Afterall, He is the star for this season!

It reminded everyone of His love for us and definitely the way to give. So yes, I’ve got lots of presents this year yay! and won a ipod shuffle from the company’s lucky draw too. ahhahaha! of which I passed to my bro — share the good stuffs.


How i wish Singapore would kind of snowed too, to add to the atmosphere. But i know if it ever snows, you know the world is coming to an end. but it’s not bad, at least we have rain here.

Best gift would probably be the KBO schedule for 2014. Ha! 3 home games when i’m gna be there, can’t wait~~!


Have a great Christmas everyone! Your great chance to eat, drink and be merry!

Season of growing fatter too! Diet tomorrow, eat today! :DDD




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