Seoul: Everything in Dongdaemun!



Dongdaemun for Christmas 2012

Everyone knows how famous Dongdaemun is for shopping. But other than just shopping, there are also plenty of stuffs to do at Dongdaemun. It’s a place where you can literally spend the whole day there and get all sorts of entertainment. From hours of shopping, building hopping to look for the cheapest shirt and bags, to sitting in a cafe, Dongdaemun is a place for tourist to get everything in one place. Here’s some of the other stuffs you can do in Dongdaemun!

1. Food





Behind the towers of shops, you get to discover another paradise. Food paradise! Walk behind Doota if you get a chance to, you will see a long row of Pojangmachas (food tents) and they sell things from naeng myeon (cold noodle broth), to fish cake sticks, fried pancakes, ramyeon, sundae and a lot of other items. They cost wayyyy cheaper than restaurants in a department store but can still taste as good! The tents sells pretty much the same items, so you can just walk into any of it and eat your fill!

Other than the pojangmachas, there are also some family owned restaurants you can eat in. Food like BBQ pork, Ginseng Chicken, Fried chicken and so on. They wouldn’t cost as cheap as the pojangmachas but if you don’t mind paying a little more for a comfortable seat with the luxury of aircon or heater (depending on season), these are definitely worth trying.


2. Rides



Koreans dig this so much! Especially high school students. Located just right after the long stretch of pojangmachas, you see them hanging out at this area and the girls screaming their heads off while on the ride. It’s pretty funny watching from beneath. Haha!  It’s not expensive and the crazy loud music which makes no sense and the ride controller teasing those on the rides. It’s pretty entertaining!

Another ride could be found in Dongdaemun would be the 4D mini cinema (not sure what’s the exact name, neither do I have an image of it.) It’s like a stimulation ride or movie box and different season they have different movies played. That time when I saw it, it was having some horror movie, so I did not try it. The girls inside that box was screaming like crazy. It’s really interesting how Korea have all sorts of stuffs for entertainment.


3. Batting cages




My favourite!!! I was asking my friend about batting cages in Seoul while I was in this area and he told me there’s one here. So so so intrigued to try it despite being alone. Ha, and I went on to try it. It stands together with the stretch of pochamajangs, if you don’t see it, just listen to the batting sound “Piang! Piang! Piang!” Just by the sound, it got me real excited. It’s like a mini outdoor arcade, so you can play some boxing game there too. Definitely a good way to vent your anger. Punch some punching bags, bat some balls, go for a drink at the pojangmachas after that, I’m pretty sure you will feel better after everything. It’s really cheap because you only need 500won for 15 pitches. There are 3 different speeds, 90km/hr, 100km/hr and 110km/hr. I think they have a left hander batting cage for left handers too, at 100km/hr if I didn’t remember wrongly. There’s a counter by the side where you can change your coins for, so no worries if you do not have coins.


4. Spa & Sauna



Located at Basement 3 of Good Morning City building, this place is a heaven! Especially on cold days after walking on the streets and doing some vigorous shopping, this place is a great place to relax. I didn’t see the Jjimjilbang at this area but I did try the spa though. It is especially popular with Japanese tourists, because of the similar culture I suppose. It cost 10000won (around US$10 bucks) for entry and you get to enjoy all the facilities.

After paying, they will give you a wristband with the locker key together with clothing and towels for your use. There’s a gym next to the counter for unisex use, you also see some families sitting at the locker area. (I’m still not very sure where’s the Jjimjilbang though). Since the spa area is stark naked, it is separated between the male and female. No photos allowed for obvious reasons. The ahjuma was screaming at another ahjuma because she was taking picture at the area and everyone was walking around naked. There’s a convenient store located there and you can get your instant cup noodles, chips and all.

They have lots of pool of hot water, ranging from 35 to 40 degree celsius and also some cold water pool which temperature ranges around 21 – 25 degree celsius. The tip is dip yourself slowly into the pool, then change to the cold water pool every 5 – 10 mins. There’s television in that area, so no awkward stares at the naked women sitting next to you. There’s also an area where you can get scrub service, chepest going at 20000won. They literally scrub you clean! I would encourage you to dip to you are satisfied then go for the scrub.

After the whole dipping and scrubbing, you can shower with the facilities there. Then after that, they have a counter outside for you to put on your moisturizer, blow dry your hair and so on before leaving the place. You get to feel pampered and you spend less than US$50 for everything, which is cheap and totally worth it.


To get there: Dongdaemun History and Culture Park station Exit 1 (Line 2)




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