Olleh Egg Wifi Rental

Olleh Egg Wifi Rental

This was my saviour for my entire trip in Korea. It keeps me connected almost all the time and saved me on my mobile bills so so much!

It’s the Olleh egg portable wifi!!

I got to know of this thing through a friend, and I thought, I definitely need this more than I need a rented mobile because renting this egg device means I could go almost anywhere in Korea with a wifi, and up to 5 devices can be connected to this device, which means wifi for my laptop too! The great thing is, the data usage is unlimited! And because Korea’s connection are so damn fast, you can use this for video calls and such and as long as you have a stable connection, you can have the longest video call ever and no one is going to stop you.

I would strongly encourage anyone to reserve one before you fly, just in case they run out of device (who knows), anyways, it’s simple and easy to just make a reservation because no payment is needed.

I arrived at Incheon International airport, and headed straight to Gate 6 at the arrival hall to collect the Egg device. They have a phone rental counter there too, so in any case you need both for some reasons, you can get both over there.

The rental fee per day is 8000won, which I thought it’s not bad. So I rented it for 15 days, and was given a discount of 50% off the rental fee from the 11th day onwards. I paid a total of 100000won for the 15 days rental. They will give you a bag, with a charger in it, please remember to charge it everyday, or bring along a portable charger to charge it when it runs out of battery.

You would need to provide your card or 200000won as a deposit (no they don’t hold your card, just the details). I paid 200000won upfront because I forgot to activate my card before flying out (damn epic, stupid bank rules). Any other payments will only be collected when you return the device. Returning would be at the same counter. The counter staffs speak english, so no worries about language barrier!

What I like about this is the coverage in other cities as well. Because I was spending most of my days of out Seoul, I would need a device with good coverage and this fits! I was surprised that it even has coverage on some of the highways. It makes things so much easier when I want to update my family and friends on where I am.

The only down side of this device is the duration of the battery. It could only last me about 6 hours, so I always have to end up charging it in the middle of the day so that it could last me till the night. There are english instructions on the device so you can follow when you face problems. 😀

There are also other telcos that offer such service so you can check out and compare the rates and coverage too. One reason why I chose Olleh over SK was because of the nationwide coverage. I was a little skeptical with the information SKT provided on their website, so despite Olleh being a little more expensive, I chose Olleh instead.

Here’s the links to help:
Olleh Roaming: http://roaming.kt.com/renewal/eng/wibro/rental.asp
SK Telecom Roaming: http://www.skroaming.com/en/rent/modem02.asp



I just came back recently from another trip to Korea and tried using EG SIM Card instead of Olleh Egg Wifi. Check out my post about it over here: https://flockwithme.wordpress.com/2014/05/13/eg-sim-card/


22 thoughts on “Olleh Egg Wifi Rental

  1. Hello, how difficult is it to use the EGG wifi. Is it just like pairing your phone and tablet? I’m planning to reserve it. Do you activate it at the airport itself (just in case you run into problems?) or you had no issues with it. ?

    • Hi!

      EGG wifi is generally really to use. It’s a portable modem, so you have wifi everywhere (well, almost) you go. I used my phone and laptop to connect to it, and it’s speed is really fast. the staffs speak english, and will make sure you can connect to the device before they confirm everything with you. so if you are having problems, you can just check with them.

      The only issue I have is when there was no signal and the egg wifi becomes a little cranky. But theres an instruction on the modem to say “press reset button”, and then everything’s back to normal.

      I’m longwinded XD Hope this helps!

  2. Hi,
    Do you have any idea if this device can be used with a phone that doesn’t have 4G/LTE? I’m using a Nexus 4. Please advise. Thank you in advance

  3. Hello! I am interested to get it, however I am concern on the coverage (and speed of course). I will be traveling to Seoul, Jeju and Busan, would you recommend to get this plan?

    Also, it is KRW 8,000 per day rental for the unlimited data?


    • Hi Sanny!

      I can only advise you for the Olleh egg though. The coverage for Seoul and Busan are good! Not very sure about Jeju but if they mentioned that they cover Jeju too, then it will work fine too.

      Yes it is unlimited data!

      Hope this helps!!

  4. Hey there – One quick question – I guess you collect the EGG after you’ve passed thru immigrations, collected your bag etc… ?

  5. I am using the egg now, it was working fine whole day! Then suddenly now it wont let me connect to it. None of my devices can! Its 935pm and calling the number on the call center card doesnt work, nobody picked up! Crap, any ideas? Hope it gets fixed tonight by itself. Removed batteries, reset etc, still no joy. Just wont let me connect my devices anymore. Wonder what gives!!

  6. Hi.. could you teach me how to make reservation or reseve the egg wifi? As u mention they might run out of device. It’s my first time renting wifi, please help=) Thank you.

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