Seoul: Gwangjang Market



It was raining that morning and I was struggling to leave my mattress because the rain made Seoul so damn cold. I wish I had sat in the hanok and watched the rain because it made everything so romantic…

I was supposed to head out to Suwon but got so lazy because it was raining outside, so I pulled out my little notebook and see where are some other places I would cover, wet weather plans! And I saw Gwangjang market. It’s really near my guesthouse so I was set to head there for my breakfast.

Even though it was cold and rainy, I felt really happy and warm to be there. It’s like so many stretches of food food food. Yes you’re right! It’s a food paradise!!!! (sorry im such a food junk!) The vendors here pretty sell the same things. They have dumplings, pajeon, pork knuckle (not very sure which part of the pig, but i’m pretty sure it’s pork) and other stuffs! It’s so hard for me to choose which stall to eat from…

I walked around for awhile while my tummy decides what to eat before choosing a jeon (korean fried pancake) shop where I ordered modeum jeon (assorted pancakes).




All these for 5000won. I was so full after this i skipped my lunch too. They have fried spam, ham, fish, chilli, minced pork, cucumber (i like this best) and pork blood i think (in chinese we call it 猪血). It goes well with makgeolli, but I didn’t order any that morning. I asked for some water and the whole bowl smelled of alcohol hahaa!

After eating, I went to walk around because they don’t just sell food here. I went into the textile section and was so amazed at all the shops selling hanboks (traditional korean costume) there. Those hanboks were soooooo pretty I wish I could buy a set home! But of course, it wouldn’t be cheap. I also chance upon some art students I supposed trying to buy cloths for their projects, and the amount and designs they have is no joke! You just see shops and shops, carts and carts and rolls and rolls of cloths with different designs and texture. There are also shops where you can get your mattresses, bed lines, blankets, pillows and so on. I managed to get another buckwheat pillow for myself! (I’ve been using buckwheat pillow for my sleep ever since I tried one in one of the guesthouse. It reduces my shoulder and neck aches so much. I got one more because the one I have was starting to flatten.) They even have cute designs for kids, and they are really cute.

They also have the wet market section which sells stuffs like seafood, red meat, and seasoned ingredients. The thing is, the place don’t stink. So you can walk around and be at ease because you don’t have to worry about heading of out the market smelling like a fish! I guess pretty much all the markets I’ve been to in Korea don’t stink as bad as the ones in Singapore.

Gwangjang market also sells a fair share of local produce like seaweed, ginseng pills and so on. My friends love seaweeds so I got like 5 big packets back and it was finished in less than 1 week (and 2 other big packs I bought in Gukje Market in Busan). They even had unique stuffs like ginseng soap bar. I didn’t know this exist until my friend got me to help him get them. Apparently, the person says that it is good for people with eczema.


20131102_105710I had a prettier picture of the hanboks but I lost it T^T

To get there: Jongno 5(o)-ga Exit 8, the moment you come out of the exit you will see the market.



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