Wishlist for me!


Okay, so I am actually slowly planning for my trip next year May, hoping to cover Busan thoroughly.

So help me with my plan and make my trip! Is there any wishlist that you guys would like me to fulfil for you? It has to be in Busan or somewhere around Busan.

The first on my list definitely goes to a Lotte Giants game in Sajik Baseball Stadium (yay to baseball season!)

Help me out guys!!



2 thoughts on “Wishlist for me!

  1. I would check out the aquarium, especially on a rainy day. My wife and I really enjoyed. Also, if you get a chance, check out O’Kim’s pub at the far end of Haeundae beach, it is a pretty cool (but expensive) pub with great food and an awesome view of the beach. I hope it’s still there!! Happy travels!

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