Gangneung: Anmok Coffee Street



Anmok is like any other beaches in Gangneung, with tonnes of seafood houses selling seafood and delicacies. However, other than that, this beautiful place has got lots of cafes for you to chill and watch the sea.

Since Gangwon-do produces coffee, the coffee culture here is great too! They even hold an annual Coffee Festival (which I missed because it was held earlier in October this year).

There’s a air base nearby, so besides the roaring waves you get to hear, you get to hear airplanes zooming past too! Anmok beach is also where you take the boat to Ulleng Island.

KBS 2 Days 1 Night also featured this street before, with Seunggi needing to taste the coffee here and come up with a poem. Because of that, you do see quite a lot of cafes hanging out banners to show that Seunggi has been to their cafe.

My favourite would be Coffee Cupper because they have pretty good stuffs. Coffee Cupper has 2 cafes along Anmok street, one in the middle and the other one nearer to the bus terminal. The one in the middle is closer to the beach compared to the one near the terminal. (Coffee Cupper even have a coffee museum outskirts of Gangneung, so if you wish to, you can check them out at Very nice little place surrounded by mountains and you can get to experience roasting coffee beans too)

Besides local owned cafes, I do spotted a few bigger companies like Starbucks and Angel-in-us coffee around.









So I sat down in Coffee Cupper and spent almost 2 hours there just starting into space and watching the sunset (more like just the sky turning dark, sun went down the other way.) The cafe owns the whole building and it’s 3 stories high, so I sat on the 2nd one. It’s very pretty and quiet, great place to chat with your friends, or just hang around.




Here’s how close you are to the beach and sea. it’s s pretty *^*

I saw the map of Anmok and Gangmun beach and wanted to walk back after I finish my coffee. I was glad I didn’t. It was already dark when I left the cafe so I took a cab instead, the ride took me kinda long, like about 10mins, imagine the distance I need to walk…

The beaches in gangneung are so pretty *^* I mentioned there were a lot of seafood house around too, and I happened to step into one of them that night. It was a big one, and I was craving for kimchi stew. So I sat down and the waitress passed me the menu and I got a shock of my life, the prices ranges from 150bucks and above. Ha! I was not prepared to eat such expensive stuffs here, nono. So I called the waiter over and asked if there was any kimchi stew in this house and his reaction was “eh? This is a seafood house”.

I ended up with a big bowl of seaweed soup which costs me 10bucks. I should have just walked out and went to some other stalls.


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