The Chronicles of Getting Lost



Hello everyone! (I forced my baby to take the picture with me the moment im back at home keke)

So i concluded my trip and was back yesterday, and today im already in the office working my ass off. (okay, not really, im spending some time writing this haha)


I still have tonnes of pictures to upload and some more posts to write! But before I sort them out, I should rest my mind. My brain is so tired my memory is failing so badly… and wait till you guys see that mess on the floor in my bedroom. I don’t ever feel like touching them.

I swear Seoul is the bomb! I hardly even spend money in the rest of the cities but the moment I come into Seoul… There goes my bank account balance! Just one evening in Myeongdong I had 300 bucks gone! and I went there twice! Imagine the damage!

Ha! But nonetheless, Seoul never fails to amaze me, with the crazy crowd on weekends. 헐!~ 


Travelling alone definitely has its pros and cons, and I’ll probably do a post on that soon too! But one thing for sure about Korea is there’s 2 extreme responses to you when they see you alone, or know that you are travelling alone. They either will be be amazed and impressed that you have the courage to do so, especially if you are a lady, or be very disgusted that you are travelling alone and probably thinking that you are an outcast, which is pretty sad.

Either ways, I still love travelling alone and I think I’m going to do more! (Of course, some stuffs are definitely more fun with a partner, but i’m in love with the flexibility of being a solo traveller, whether is it sleeping in, ditching a plan to go somewhere because I will end up back in the hostel damn late, or sudden change to where I’m heading to, it’s great. Keke.


That’s it for now and i’m heading off~! ! 뿅~


2 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Getting Lost

  1. It was nice travelling alone right! I did that also for my Korea trip last winter….anyway…thank you for the useful information you blog…it’s definitely very very useful for my next winter trip …

  2. I also enjoyed my solo trip to South Korea a whole lot! For the same reasons you mentioned above, plus you can hang around a place you like for as long as you like without feeling pressurised to leave.
    At some points though, I hoped I had someone in company so I could show them the beautiful sceneries I came across.

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