Daegwallyeong Sheep Ranch




I can’t believe this ranch took me 3 hours! I just uploaded all the pictures on my facebook and it has almost 600 pictures, i don’t remember taking so much pictures though. Kekeke!!

After reading blogs about how good this place is, I thought to myself, this is the first thing on my list (this was second until I found out that Seaside train is closed for maintanence). This place didn’t fail my expectation. The place is sooooo beautiful! I do find it a little like teletubbies’ homeland but better!

Despite being autumn, the grass on the ground are still pretty lush and green! Backed with gorgeous mountain terrains & pretty autumn colours, this place is like heaven! Though this is a sheep ranch, I personally think that the stunning view stole the sheep’s show.

I took a intercity bus from Gangneung to Heongye (횡계) which takes about 30mins, after which, grab a cab from opposite the bus terminal and tell the driver you want to go to 대관령 양떼목장. I find it really hard to pronounce this 2 names, so i wrote it down on a paper. The moment the i showed the cab driver the paper, he said okay and asked me to get on (makes life easier for everyone). The cab ride is very fast, probably around 10mins and cost about 8800won, which is about 9 bucks. Before I got down, the driver passed me a name card, so that when I come out from the ranch later, I can call for a cab. It would only cost 1000won more for calling the cab over. Unless you are really lucky to see a cab there, or have some really kind locals to drive you there, please take that name card so that you can make your way back. (I didn’t take a picture of the card and is lazy to, but just in case the driver didn’t give you any card, you can call this number: 010-5372-4815)

If you are heading during the colder months like spring, autumn or winter, PLEASE, pack and wear warm. I wore only a long-sleeved shirt and a simple hoodie over the it and I was freezing because the wind was so strong! (The whole day was a hair-flying day. My hair’s tangled like mad now T^T).

It’s pretty straight forward inside the ranch. You get to hike a little to see the magnificent view, and if you go high enough on a clear day, you can even see Pyeongchang 2018 Jump ski tower from afar.

At the entrance, you see this little hut where you can buy ticket, this ticket is basically for the basket of grass for you to feed the sheeps. If not, it is basically free and you can walk into the ranch without purchasing the ticket.

Now here’s how pretty the view is! It’s really & definitely worth a go, no matter which season you are going to be in. So long you are in Gangneung, GO FOR IT!





















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