Train ride to Gangneung


While everyone was sleeping, or going to fall asleep, I woke up and headed out to Busan train station for my train bound for Dongdaegu, and then transfer to a train for Gangneung. 5am KST… I was pretty surprised that when I left the guesthouse, there were still ahjumas walking on the streets, and I managed to hail a cab less than 5 mins after I left the guesthouse.

PS: Korea ahjusshi needs to stop talking to me when I obviously don’t understand what are they trying to say.


Right after I got onto the train bound for Gangneung from Daegu, I fell asleep and woke up to a city covered in mist. Very very pretty & mysterious.

I’ve taken tonnes of bus rides this trip and I would say the views are stunning! But trains, another preferred travelling methods for the locals, has really very stunning views too! Because most of the time the train run through valleys, you get to see lots of stuffs you will miss out if you take a coach.

I took the Mungunghwa this time round because there isn’t any KTX that runs to Gangneung from Busan. Despite having no tables like KTX, the space on board is bigger with better leg space for you to spend long hours travelling on it. Don’t ask me about the toilet though, I can’t actually believe for the 6 hours I was on the train, I have no desire to head to the toilet, which was pretty amazing…

I find it really cool you can rotate the seats! Like if you are travelling as a family of 3 or 4 and want to face each other, just turn the seats around and you can have your chit chat session!

There’s groups of ahjuma going for a hiking trip as a tour group and they talked non stop… even at 5am in the morning. What’s more impressive is I slept through their chatters… ha! I must be damn tired.

Since it’s autumn, the mountains flaunts all their colours and we all stare in awe with such pretty sceneries.

Summary of what I did on train: eat my breakfast, sleep, wake up, sleep, wake up, shoot some pictures, sleep, wake up, alight.











Side note: I didn’t realised this train goes to Andong… Shouldve done a detour to Andong Hahoe village first then head to Gangneung. Hur. Next time maybe…


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