Busan: Gamcheon Culture Village


Santorini of the East! It’s really amazing seeing how this village came through time to become what it is now!

Even without the arty stuffs around, I think this huge village is very very amazing. It used to be swamps for people who are too poor, and now it has become such a pretty sight and one of the must see in Busan. It has indeed came a long way!

You need to take a bus up the village and then start from the top and make your way down. The roads there are so small and steep it really skills to be a driver there. The bus we took are mini buses because big buses wouldn’t fit.

The bus drops you right outside the entrance of the village, but before you head into the village, head downwards a little where you see a steep down slope on your right. That’s one of the site called “Good morning” and you wouldn’t want to miss it and come up again like I did.

The view from “Good morning” spot.

Afterwards, you can walk into the village where the bus dropped you and there’s an office that sells the map of Gamcheon for 2000won and you would need it~! The buildings here looks pretty much the same and it would be best to have a map with you. 😀 It recommends you which route to take and there’s also stamps to collect. (I didn’t even collect it all because I kept walking out of the route after finding more interesting small alleys, andddd I ended up getting lost. Like forever getting lost.)

The most famous spot would be the cafe that has a balcony that allows you to shoot the whole village without any obstructed view.

Because of the location it is situated, the village is under the sun most of the time, which makes them really beautiful for picture taking.


It’s really fun to make your ways into the small alleys and find interesting stuffs around. But please don’t end up disturbing the residents here. Most of them are elderlies and they might end up just screwing you upside down.

I happened to walk all the way down to the end of the village and saw bus #2 (which was the bus we should take to go to the village and back) and hopped on without asking where it was heading to. And I ended up at the industrial area and the bus terminated there. HAHA! The bus driver got a shock when he found someone still on the bus when he reached the terminal. KTO website said “If worst comes to worst, up brings you to the top of the hill, and down brings you to the port of Gamcheon, so you needn’t worry about becoming a cautionary tale on the Discovery Channel.” Been there, saw lots of giant fridges and came back up alive. XD

With my minimal korean, I told him I wanted to go the Gamcheon Culture Village (my plan was the head back up to see the Good Morning spot), and he was very nice to ask me to wait on the bus because the bus is heading back to the village again after his rest. Thank God for nice people.


The way back down is just right opposite the point you alight the bus. Both side are possble with bus #2 and #2-1. You would need to get off Toseong and get out at Exit 6, follow the road till you see a bus stop. The bus ride would take about 10mins.











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