Busan: Jalgalchi, Gukje Market, Gwangro Street & Busan Tower


My initial plan was to head to Jalgalchi market and head off, thinking I would take pretty long to look around Jagalchi Market, but i finished in 5mins. (well, because i wasn’t there to buy stuffs, just to look around).

And so I decided to have my brunch first and then head on somewhere else. After lunch, I crossed the road and walked unknowingly to Gukje Market and there I found heaven! HAHA too extravagant, but it’s really a nice place to walk in. The entire area, Gukje Market & Gwangro Street linked together is like Seoul’s Sinchon, Myeongdong and Namdaemun linked together. It’s really big! I really love my little adventures whenever I got lost, this is one of them. I thought I would never find shopping area in Busan! But I was wrong.


Busan’s foremost traditional market, Gukje Market, began when refugees fled to Busan during the Korean War and starting selling goods in the area.
There are 650 businesses and more than 1,500 goods stores in the labyrinthine market. A fun way to enjoy the market is to look for famous restaurants in the alleys.
The Meokja (let’s eat) Alley at Gukje Market is one of the “must visit” tourist destinations in Busan. There are many domestic and foreign tourists who line up to try gimbap, eomuk, seed hotteok and other snacks. – Credits to Dynamic Busan FB.









I read that Gwangro Street is made to be an art & culture street to express Busan, which explains the cute little statues and some arty stuffs around.





From this map, you can see that the whole area is very big, and really very nice to walk! You can start from either Jalgalchi Market (alight at Jalgalchi station) or from Gwangro Street (alight at Nampo station).


As you can see, Yongdusan & Busan tower are pretty near too… I was walking along along Gwangro Street and then I saw the escalator to head up to Yongdusan (of course I went up, train tickets can wait). & I was glad I went up.

There was some rehearsal going on for the cultural event on Yongdusan so there’s some students dance the traditional Korean dance, and then I went for the tower. Busan is too pretty I don’t ever wna leave T^T




Busan I’ll be back~!!!


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