Busan: Sajik Baseball Stadium


Probably the happiest thing this trip! (my friend asked me if baseball stadiums were a tourist attraction cos this is the 3rd one i am visiting)

I loveeeeeeeeee the fact that im standing outside my favourite team’s home stadium, and knowing they were training inside. I was glad that the Giants shop were opened today and I managed to grab my Kang Minho jersey and jersey for my dog too. Keke. Baby’s gna be a Lotte dog too. 😀

I snapped lots lots lots of pictures of the stadium, I think i’m pretty much going crazy there cos I kept talking to myself.

It’s actually not just a stadium. There’s a skate and bike rental shop just across the streets and you could rent them and ride them at the ground outside the stadium. Lots of fangirls were biking and skating around, and waiting to pound on the players I guess. Hahah!!!

I can’t believe I spent about an hour there just buying stuffs and snapping pictures (and secretly hoping that some players will walk out and I can get them to take picture with me). But lady luck wasn’t on my side.

We all did managed to see Lee Jaegon coming out and he walked real close to me though, but he was on the phone and so I didn’t wanna disturb him to take a picture with me.

The boys’ last training in Korea is tomorrow and they are flying off on 27th to Kagoshima. Please please stay uninjured and keep warmmmm ❤

To get there, take the metro to Sajik Stadium (Line 3) and exit 1. Walk straight after getting out of the metro until you reach a traffic junction, turn left and continue walking straight and you will see the stadium in no time.










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