Daegu Baseball Stadium – Doosan vs Samsung



I was damn freaking lucky I swear, thank God for everything! It’s a sold out match, but the illegal sellers still had some tickets on hand so I managed to get a 3rd base ticket for 20000won instead of the usual 35000won (clear stock ahhahaha!) But after I got in, I realised I was on the wrong side, whatever… (If the ticket weren’t that expensive, I would go out, buy the other ticket and head the other side. HAHAHA! I should’ve totally checked with the vendor if Doosan was on the 3 base side or not. Hing.)

Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the match so much!!

Despite trailing behind Doosan Bears, Samsung Lions’ fans were crazyyyyy! Go watch all my instavideo. The atmosphere was damn high when the team’s player come out to bat. And all the vulgar stuffs they say when the opposite team comes out to bat, it’s pretty hilarious because some of them are apparently pretty drunk.

I love how everyone are strangers, but when you root for the same team, you become friends. (some under the influence of alcohol though hahaha!) I was scared that I would feel out of place because I don’t know Samsung’s cheers, neither do I know anyone there as I’m going alone. But I immediately blended in when everyone starting cheering. (I must add that im one of the few females standing around watching the match that night.

And I’m damnnnnn happy Doosan won. Ha! Lee Wonsuk’s 3 base hit was damnnnn awesome. So was Kim Hyunsoo’s home run.

The only thing about this thing was… I took a 2 hours ride from Busan to Daegu when I thought it will probably take only 1hr 10mins. Then I took the metro to Daegu Station as advised by visitkorea but I couldn’t find the stadium. D: So I ended up taking a cab there, which cost about 4000won.

I thought I would be able to find the station by following the crowd after the match… then halfway through, the crowd dispersed and I have no idea where am I. -.- So I ended up getting a cab from where I was from to Dongdaegu station to take the KTX back to Busan (no I dont wna spend another 2 hours on the bus back, so KTX was a better option. Costing more but reaching wayyyy faster than the bus. And luckily for me, there was still metro back to the guesthouse.

So lesson learnt is, give some time extra to find your destination.


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