Jeonju: Hanok Village



I really think Jeonju Hanok Village is too overrated. There are some cultural activities you could do there with some money, like fan drawing and some other stuffs. But other than that, it’s modern cafes, some shops, eateries, basically nothing authentic except the hanoks there.

It was quite hard to get there, and this might be the only place I couldn’t tell you how to get there because I have no idea how to! I took a bus from Buan to Jeonju and behind the bus terminal, there’s a tourist information counter but no one was there. It so happened that there’s some soldiers hanging around the telephone booth but they couldn’t tell me how to go as well.

The bus to take there is apparently #79 but the bus shop the information counter sign is pointing to does not have it. I ended up taking a cab there because this kind korean lady offered to drop me off at the Hanok Village before going to her hotel. (I know she wouldn’t see this but thank you so much!!)

I took probably about 1hr 30mins to walk around the place, hoping to see something interesting, but no, everything was too tourist-fied.

The way back to Jeonju Bus Terminal was as hard. I was trying to see if there’s a bus that could bring my back but apparently the bus that’s over there doesn’t go to the Intercity Bus Terminal, so I ended up hailing a cab back to the bus terminal. I wasn’t the only one who finds it hard because there’s this Korean couple in front of my and they wanted to take a bus back too, and because there was no bus, they decided to cab back too. So much for being a tourist attraction. D:

It’s still not bad a place if you would like to have some really pretty pictures… Maybe my expectation of the place is too high, so I was disappointed.

The cab back was really cheap though, I paid only 4900won for the cab fare, which was about 5 bucks. As there’s a lot of bus terminals in Jeonju, you got to tell the driver that you want to go to the 고속버스터미너 or 시외버스터미너 (which is the inter-city bus terminal). Otherwise, he might bring you to the terminal for local buses.














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