Gwangju: Chungjang-ro



Gwangju’s Chungjangro is like Seoul’s Myeongdong but smaller. It’s still really nice to walk and buy stuffs because it isn’t as crowded as Myeongdong, especially on a weekday.

However, do note that the koreans there don’t really speak english (look for younger ones if you need someone to speak english to). They do have an extensive range of stuffs from clothes to shoes and make ups, and they are really pretty. They even have a H&M and Daiso there too!

The nearest metro station is Geumnamno 4(sa)-ga and once you’re out, you get the whole streets of stuffs.


And I finally know why my t-money isn’t being detected on the trains and buses. Because Gwangju’s transportation seems to have their own kind of card and the system don’t recognise T-money yet. (It’s really embarrassing when I take the bus and I thought it’s being charged but the driver called me over telling me I haven’t pay yet).

And yay, I need to get to bed. Tomorrow is the day ima step my foot on Busan’s soil. I can’t wait~~~~~ Land of the Giants. kekeke!


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