Buam: Gomso Salt Field





Reason why this place was chosen as one of my itinerary was because I wanted to see something different. It was indeed very different! Not even many locals head to this place.

I took a bus from Gwangju to Buan bus terminal and headed outside for a city bus to bring me to the salt plain. I was really disappointed when I reached because its realllllllyyyy super small scale. (and I still can’t figure out where did the sea water come from, cos it’s no where near as beach… its all mountain as you can see) But because of the wonderful weather and surrounding nature, I managed to take really pretty pictures.

I managed to also catch the workers working after their lunch, its a super hot and sunny day and the wind are not even helping. Cudos to them!! It’s really hard work!

And I almost thought I would be stranded there. There’s literally no sign of any bus stop. With my super limited korean, I managed to ask some ahjumas lazing around in a tent and they told me just to stand at the restaurant sign and walk for the bus. As there’s no official bus stop, i have no idea what time the bus will reach, I even thought of hitching a ride back because there are no sight of taxis as well. Luckily for me, the bus came and I got on. Took me about 25mins from the salt plain to the bus terminal.

Unless you really really have the time to spare and don’t mind something out of the norm, you can catch this.


How to get there: Take a bus to Buan Bus Terminal (about 1 hour 20mins from Gwangju). Catch a city bus outside of the bus terminal (You will see a Missha outside the bus terminal, the bus stop is diagonally opposite Missha across the road). Take the bus bound for Naesosa (내소사). Once you get on, you tell the bus driver that you would like to go to Gomso Yeomjeon (곰소염전). Journey to the salt field will take about 30mins.

How to get back: Cross the road where you got off, and wait for the bus there.


Here’s some pictures and I let you judge if it’s worth going.












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