Suncheon: Bay Reeds Field



After a visit to Boseong Tea plantation, I went back to Boseong Bus Terminal and got a ticket to Suncheon. I initially wanted to catch both the filming village and Suncheon Bay but because i spent a little too much time at Boseong, I can only choose to do one, and I think I did the right choice to choose Suncheon Bay over filming village. Heehee.

Suncheon is a very very nice place, I totally regretted not staying there now. D: Very nice surroundings, lively as well. It took the bus about 1 hour 15 mins to reach Suncheon. Upon reaching, you can check out the Tourist Information Counter in the bus terminal. The lady there speaks mandarin well, so mandarin-speakers, it’s a yay!!

The bus to catch to Suncheon Bay is outside the terminal. You would need to get out of the bus terminal from the back door, and head left and walk towards the main road. Once at the main road, make a right turn and you will see the bus stop in a bit. The bus stop is very nice because it tells you how long is the next bus arriving and also some directions to the tourist attractions.





Take bus #67 and drop at the stop named 순천만 (suncheon-man). You got to listen carefully to the PA system though. It’s a little confusing even the locals got a little confused because the stop before the one you should get off have Suncheon Bay’s signs too. It takes about 20 – 25 mins to get from the bus stop to Suncheon Bay. The bus stop to get back is just opposite the one you get off, very easy to spot.

You would need to get a ticket to go into Suncheon Bay. Adult tickets would cost 3000won. Many of the people usually come here for the Reeds Field and if you have time, you can do more stuffs there. I only got to see the reeds field and snap some pictures and I took 1hr 30mins. Ha!



Apparently, this place is vey popular for Koreans for weekend travel and also school field trips. You can see lots of couples and students coming here. Luckily for me, I went during the weekday, so there were lesser people. But I heard from that during the weekends, it would be packed and you wouldn’t have a space to take pictures of the sunset. ._.


I really love this place and it’s really gorgeous! Favourite place so far for this trip!




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