Boseong: Tea Plantation


Second day here and I’ve decided to head down to Boseong & Suncheon because my guesthouse manager said that it’s too early to go Naejangsan to catch the maple leaves at this point of time because the leaves are changing a little late this year T^T.

So I took a bus to Gwangju bus terminal and head out to Boseong. I swear buses that head out from Gwangju are all so nice and comfortable, and feels really new too. Anyway, it’s really easy to get a ticket, just go to the counter, tell the person where you would like to go, the person would tell you how much and what is the next departure. Then you just grab your ticket, go to the boarding gate and wait for the bus. If I don’t remember wrongly, the interval for Gwangju to Boseong is 10mins and it takes about 1hr 30mins to get there.

Once you reached Boseong, you would need to grab another bus ticket to the tea plantation. Boseong has a really really really small terminal. Just a few berths and a small little ticket machine with a canteen and convenient shop there. Tell the person at the ticket counter that you want to go to 대한다원 and she will get you the ticket. If you can’t speak, you can write it down on a piece of paper and show it to her, and she will write back to you with the time and bus fare.

The buses at Boseong has no number, so instead of looking for numbers, you look for the characters on the ticket to make sure it matches the bus sign.


The ride will take about 15 mins or so… and you will need to get off at a bus stop with a big sign 대한다원 in front of it. It’s pretty hard to miss it.

IMG_0460 IMG_0461

After you get off the bus, you walk in along the road and you will come to forest (not big enough to be called a forest, but yea, just tonnes of trees.) Take note of the information center to the right, you will know why later.


No im not in Nami Island, ha! Met 2 Singapore couples there and yay to people helping me to take picture. Thank you!

You just need to follow the forest trail and you will reach the toilet stops and some restaurants and souvenir shop, and just right behind it, it’s the terrace of tea plantation!! It requires a bit of climbing to get to the top thought. I went up halfway and came down, ha! Firstly the weather was killing me. Secondly, I was rushing to go Suncheon later in the day.


I know I look damn weird here, this is what you get with a self timer and a mini tripod for a big camera. ._. 

They have all kinds of green tea products over here which you can buy back. I love the green tea ice cream!! You guys should try it. Though not as good as the one in Jeju’s O’sulloc, but it’s really cooling and refreshing after a climb.

After youre done and satisfied with your pictures, green tea products and ice cream, how do we get back to Boseong bus Terminal?

Remember the information counter to the right of the bus stop? There’s a tunnel there and at the end of the tunnel, you will see the bus stop to Boseong Bus Terminal. If you still can’t see the tunnel, (which is not quite possible because it’s right next to the info counter) you can check with the information counter. Here’s the bus schedule (I’ll upload it later! It’s in my phone and its too far away from me now) and some pictures to help!





So now, if you can’t resist green tea, make sure you make your way there! Next post to Suncheon Bay coming up!


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