KTX and Lockers at train stations

Imagine the pain to lug your luggage everywhere you go… Its worse than just being a pain especially when Korea has flights and flights of stairs. I actually went to Yongsan to bought a ticket to Gwangju and dump my luggage there. ha! The ticket is really easy though. But you would probably have to know beforehand what is the timing you would like to take so that the officer could serve you better. And then the train ticket would tell you where are you heading from and your destination with your cabin and seat number. Once at the platform, you just need to check out which cabin are you in and get on, find a seat and sit down.


So yea, KTX is kinda expensive as you can see… So if you want, you can catch some other types of trains other than KTX. And here’s a great post to help: http://seoulistic.com/travel-to-korea/how-to-travel-by-rail-in-korea/

And yes, the luggage. They have lockers at the stations (Both Seoul and Yongsan stations has it, not sure about the rest), and on the outside, it might look really kinda small to fit my luggage in, but after I went and try the size, I was surprised that after I placed in my luggage, there’s still so much space for other stuffs. Too bad I was a little too silly to put my bag in too, so I lugged my near 10kg bag all around Seoul today. T^T It’s so heavy my shoulders are really sore now. It’s really cheap to store your luggage and whatever stuffs you wna store there so that you can go do your shopping or sightseeing without having the burden of a luggage, Singapore should have this totally.

On the outside of the locker doors, you can see the amount pasted there and also a set of instruction on how to use the lockers. However, it’s in Korean so you would need to do a little figuring out should you not understand Korean. It’s really easy because they lock using your fingerprint and unlock using your fingerprint too. I parked my luggage there from 9am till about 330pm and it only costs me 3000won! Told you it’s cheap. 😀 So here’s how the lockers looks like:


It’s definitely a great way to ease your burden especially if you need to head to a lot of places like me. 😀


I realised that besides KTX stations, normal subway stations has lockers for you to store your items and come back to collect them. Some of them even allow payment with your T-money so you don’t have to worry about not having small change for the lockers.

After the 2 weeks in Korea, I can safely say that pretty much all the train stations, be it big or small, and bigger bus terminals have lockers for your usage. 😀


16 thoughts on “KTX and Lockers at train stations

  1. Hi! Do you happen to remember the rates for the lockers? I’m thinking of storing my luggage at the station overnight so that I will not be lugging them around as I sightsee 🙂

    • Hi Dilz,

      I cant exactly remember if they have a rate for overnight, but I stored my luggage for a few hours and it cost me 3000won (about US$3).
      Hope this helps!

    • Hi Ninic!

      Thank you for reading!

      I’m pretty sure they will have lockers in the train stations. But I’m not sure if they will have those big ones like what Seoul/Yongsan has. I haven’t been to Yeosu train station before. So sorry I couldn’t help much!


  2. Hi, we will go to Busan via KTX from Seoul station for 3 days. Do they accept storage that long? And do you have an idea how much will it cost? 27 inch luggage 20kls 🙂

    Thank you!

    • Hi Christine,

      Thank you for reading!

      The lock would most probably fit just nice for your luggage, but should you be leaving your luggage at the station for a few days, I would not recommend you to use the lockers. You may, however, use their luggage storage counter at Seoul station: http://www.premiumtravelcenter.com/en/service_baggage.asp

      But if you should be heading to Busan to 3 days, bringing your luggage along would seems to me to be a better choice. There are spaces on the train that allows you to place your luggage while you ride to Busan, and there are definitely enough time to bring the luggage up & down the train. (or at least i survived with mine).

      Hope this helps!


  3. Hi there, your article has been very useful, thanks! I actually will be in Gwangju for a biz trip, and then was planning to go up to Naejangsan for a one day trip. So am planning to take my luggages on KTX to Jeongeup station, and keep in the lockers there, before making my move to hike up to Naejangsan during the day. I then plan on the same evening to depart directly from Jeongeup station back to Yongsan, and i would hate to carry my luggages all the way (which does not make any sense if i do that hahaha)

    My only concern is the luggage locker size. I have one check-in luggage that can fit for like 20kg-30kg kinda big luggage, and then another cabin size luggage. Do they have the locker size big enough for my big luggage? I am asking if you noticed similar ones in Seoul and Yongsan (and I am praying that it will be similar in other stations too).

    Hope to hear back from you (although I do noticed this post is back in 2014!)

    • Hello!

      I’m not quite sure about Jeongeup station because I haven’t been there before. Most places have small lockers for small bags but I wouldn’t say so for bigger size luggages…

      Sorry I couldn’t help much on that.

  4. HI 🙂
    Do you happen to know if hongdae station has big lockers for luggages? we are a group of 6ppl and want to store the luggages there after checking out from where we stay until heading to the airport so I’m wondering if there are enough big lockers

    thanks 🙂

    • Hi, yes there are big luggage lockers at hongdae subway station. You can see them right after you tag to exit towards exit3.

    • Hello!
      I know Hongdae has lockers, and they have quite a few. But the thing about the lockers there are always fully taken. It might be a risk if you want to do that… If you are heading to Hongdae, I might suggest you to put it at Seoul station, though it might be a little troublesome to go back and forth. If the lockers there are not available, you can always leave it at the baggage care area for a small sum of money. It is located just right outside the gantry for the Airport Railroad.
      Hope this helps!

  5. Hi, do you know if I can store my luggage at Yongsan Station for 30hrs? I plan to go to Gwangju for one night and will be back the next day.

    • Hi,

      There are lockers in the jjimjilbang but I would like to ask what kind of lockers are you looking at?
      If it’s something that could contain your luggage, i’m afraid not. Most of the tourist-friendly jjimjilbang would instead, keep the luggage at the reception while you use their facilities. The lockers in there are for your clothes and shoe, thus, they can’t fit much.

      Hope this helps!

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