Incheon Airport Railroad



I think airport railroads are the bus invention ever~~ It’s cheaper than buses, and more comfortable too!

I left the airport at about 830am, made my way to Seoul on the non-stop train from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station and within 45 mins im at Seoul station.

I was a little confused with the all-stop and non-stop one because I didn’t see any gantry for the all-stop train, so I thought there was only the non-stop one. I got the ticket for 8000won and waited for the train. The ride was a pleasant one though, worth the cost definitely. It’s quiet and really comfortable, but if you are on a budget, you can just choose the all-stop train, which cost about 3000-4000won if i don’t remember wrongly, and it doesn’t take much longer either. But if you like the comfort, you can go for it. The ticket will indicate which cabin/car should you be sitting at. So for mine, I can sit on any seat from car 4 to car 6.


The airport railroad has automated counters which english functions for you and your can buy your ticket from it. Otherwise, there’s a customer service counter which you can seek assistance from.


Go grab yours now 😀 (no this is not an advertisement though it sounds like one ahahhaha)


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