D-3!! I hate packing!


And so I finally finish planning everything, I hope! And calculated my budget, which is the most important thing. I swear surviving on 60000won a day is gna be a challenge to me judging from previous trips to korea.

Look at that picture above, those scribbles… and Ive just probably did the craziest thing in my life up till now. I changed my plans for my first few days in Korea, including the guesthouse.

Can I add that packing is probably the worse thing to do for travelling. Never liked it. And im still comtemplating whether to bring my own pillow because I get sore necks sleeping on normal pillows. But it makes no sense when it is the length as my luggage. Hohoho. How great.

So I kinda figured out that staying in Suncheon is gna cost me a lot more for transport because it does not have an extensive variety of buses to other cities, compared to Gwangju. (In the first place, I wna stay there cos it was kinda different and a little non-city like and it was definitely one of the hidden Korea which I wanted to explore, but the cost T^T)

Thank God there’s still availability for that guesthouse in gwangju. If not…

But nonetheless, im still going to Suncheon. Im gna miss Suncheon garden expo for LG Twins vs Doosan Bears match at Jamsil on the 20th Oct. Ha! So much for wanted to go there in the first place.

And I have places like Jeonju, Naejangsan, Buan, Damyang, Busan, Daegu, Gyeongju, Gangneung, Suwon and Seoul on my list. I hope I dont wear myself out. ._.

One of the saddest thing is probably to find the seaside train closed for renovation till December. So those planning to go, you can cancel that out already. T^T one of my must-see gone just like that. Good thing is I get to have a more relaxing time in Gangneung to explore their markets and cafes, and maybe go to a whale museum. Maybe only.

I hope Korea is gna be good to me like how it has always been!

And I really hope there’s gna be a luggage locker/ luggage storage service at Yongsan station for my luggage. There’s no way I want to lug my luggage to Jamsil baseball stadium.

3 more days to go. Not feeling the excitment I should be feeling yet. Please dont kick in last minute. I would probably die of anxiety.

Bye for now.


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