Travel Playlist



Not sure if everyone is the same as me, but I tend to do up a music playlist for everything. So I have a playlist for rainy days, for summer, for winter, some other random playlist. I used to even have a playlist for sitting in a cafe, or for making me happy. And of course, a travel playlist

Music plays a big part when I’m on the road, it calms my nerves, makes me happy, let me get into the travel mood almost immediately. And I like that when you listen to a certain song and you can easily recall those sweet moments of what happened in that country.

The songs in my playlist don’t really change much because my favourite songs has always been my favourite, even after so many years.

Here’s a few tracks in my playlist: (pardon me, they’re pretty much all Korean songs ha!)
– DBSK – Journey (Paradise ranch OST)
– SHINee – Haru (Haru OST)
– Jang Geun Seok – My Precious (Mary stayed out all night OST)
– Imagine Dragons – On top of the world 
– Maroon 5 – Sunday morning
– IU – Good day
– Peppertones – Fake Traveler
– SS501 – Green Peas

Of course my playlist has got really really really a lot of songs, and it’s almost impossible to list them all down. I like how every songs has got a story of their own and gets me into the mood all the time.

At the airport, getting excited to fly, I listen to Journey because, yes, I’m going on a journey. They did a really great job mixing the music with plane roaring, and airport announcements.

And my favourite for winter has to be My Precious. I listened to the song wayyyy before I watched the drama and it was awesome! I could just picture myself walking on the streets by the road on a winter night, and that’s what they depicts in the drama.


PS: Sometimes not understanding the lyrics does helps! The lyrics do get a bit ridiculous at times, and a lot of times, talking about love. 


Tell me about yours! or introduce me a few great songs!


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