A mini adventure – not exactly

Rain plane 4So it was raining and I made a gif from the photo burst i took on my phone. It turns out quite nice I guess.


And after visiting KL for so many times, I FINALLY get to stand in front of the Petronas towers to pose and take a picture with it. (PS: I look super slim here wahahah damn happy! Special thanks to my photograpgher ah ming)

Was there for MATTA Fair but went one day earlier. We tried looking for lok lok as we were all craving for it but we couldn’t find it anywhere. T^T We even walked from KLCC to Ampang station in search of the make shift vans. Ha! Looks like we looked for the wrong place after asking the Malaysians.

And so, I came back, unpacked my luggage and put in new stuffs, ready for my next trip! I have no idea how am I going to survive 16 days in Korea with a 20 inch luggage. God bless me. (oh! my colleague went Rome and helped me bought my Long champ travel bag. He got the XL size for freaking 80 euros! I’m still not over how cheap it can get!)



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