Hello September!

I’m only excited about September because it means her neighbor is coming soon.


So yes, I’m almost done with the list for what I wna see, and this small little map here of course isn’t showing all of them.

From the South, the the Southeast, to the East and North, and maybe the West, I hope to cover the whole of Korea with the days i’m spending there, and I know it is not possible. So it’s also time for me to kick out some plans.

A few things that for sure I gotta see:
– Suncheon Bay
– Jeonju Hanok Village
– Damyang Bamboo Forest
– Busan Fireworks Festival
– Jeongdongjin seaside station
– Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm
– Seoul fortress

Not too ambitious, I definitely have more than enough time to cover some other stuffs.

I can’t wait! 

To step onto the land of the morning calm again483700_10150866499950898_1797414351_n

Pay a visit to the beaches

To taste local delicacy

Chill in cute little cafes and people watch

Go to a local farm

And meet cute little sheep
(this little one here is 개똥, which literally means dog’s poo. Koreans believe that the uglier your name is, the longer you will live. reason why he had this name was because his parents died when he was very young)

Laughing at tall “Royal Guards”

and of course, bat some balls! (this is cunningly addictive)

I need to stop day dreaming and get back to work. The enjoyments will come soon. 😀



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