Under the clear blue sky



Haven’t been anywhere recently. Office has been my second home, and I swear I spend more time in office than at home. Been up to nothing lately, except running to more travel fairs and more travel fairs, and it is not ending yet.

This post is really random but i’m trying to de-stress by looking at those clear blue skies. Afterall, I don’t get to see them often because we are all cooped up in a building.



Looking at these pictures only reminds me how much we need break soon. And I know mine is coming soon.

Though I wish I would be in Hawaii, but nope, I heading Korea, again. (My mother has been nagging at me and asking why do I have to go back there so many times. I can’t justify myself, I’m just in love with that country so much)



웃으면 복이 와요 – Smile and luck will come

Smile and be happy through. Everything will be over soon!

That said, summer will be over veryyyy soon and I am already counting down to autumn.


I would sing “Wake me up when September ends” if I was free enough to sleep, but nope, we’re just too busy.

And i’m off to finish more work. Bye for now!


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