Bukchon Hanok Guesthouse

Korea Hanok Guesthouse

To see the best, feel the best, taste the best – Hanok

On two occasions, I stayed in this guesthouse while on my trip. Owner of the Hanok was very friendly and even made us plum tea when we arrived. It was a very cold spring, but it made our hearts warm with their hospitality.

Bukchon Hanok Village houses a lot of traditional Korean houses and built with ondol floorings. (traditional warming style, with water. Used to be warmed with fire in the past). Out of the many households here, a lot of the owners have now opened up there houses as guesthouses and Bukchon Guesthouse is one of them.

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The first one I stayed in probably required 10mins walk from Anguk station, but hidden in the quiet alleyway, with a nearer mart, this place is beautiful! They have breakfast provided every morning (simple breakfast consisting of bread, butter and jam) and even have a washing machine for washing my clothes.


While some rooms have a private toilet, most of the rooms don’t. Remember that it is a functional house and just tell me, does your house have toilets in every room? No.
The shared toilet is cleaned everyday by the owner and when I was there, they were still staying in the same compound, so you get to see their kids running about in the garden during the day.

One thing about Hanok, it isn’t very soundproof. So once it comes to nighttime, you have to quieten the TV, your voice and basically everything so that you won’t disturb those sleeping.


On the second occasion, I stayed in another house that is closer to the station. It’s on the main street unlike the previous one I stayed in but the entire neighbourhood is quiet at night, so there’s no noise to complain about.

It rained on one morning and the whole feel of just sitting outside the room and watch the rain fall can be so romantic.

From the bustling streets outside, to the beautiful architectures of these traditional houses, they never fails to amaze me, be it day or night.

Go try it, and you will soon fall in love with it.



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