Gyeonggi-do: Yongin Everland

Okay! So, here’s one to just start off my very first post!


Yongin Everland is located in Gyeonggi-do, where Seoul is, but it is like the really outskirts of it? For directions on how to get there, you can visit this link: or


Why Everland as my first post? Simple! I believe everyone going to Korea and love theme parks would definitely want to pay a visit there. Let me just start. It is not quite just a theme park  The land that it is on is actually owned by Samsung (you know, those electronics like phone, fridge, tablet and all). But Samsung in Korea does not just do electronics, like how Hyundai in Korea does not just do cars. They are basically big organisations and super rich. So yes, they own that land and it is really big. You have to pay toll fee to in there, and even when you are inside there, you don’t just see Everland immediately. That place holds housing, restaurants just like all other places, just that that piece of land is owned by Samsung.

So upon reaching there, you actually need to take a feeder bus to get into the theme park. Just a short ride of about 3 – 5 mins and there, you are at the gate of Everland.


Ticketing: You can actually get you tickets online and then go collect them when you are there. Note that there are all kinds of tickets. But should you want to do everything, get the ALL Ride Passport. Even the all ride passport has 2 different types: Day or Night. Day is… full day. For night, it starts at 17:00 KST time. so those that don’t wanna spend a whole day there, get the half day one. (Check those info out here:


I should stop rambling on all those stuffs. What I wanted to show you guys on this post is how awesome this place is.

For those who don’t know, Everland has something called the Q Pass which allows you to reserve a slot at the three main attraction: Amazon Express, Safari World and T Express.

Each ticket is allow one Q Pass. What it does is that it saves you a spot at the attraction/rides at a certain timing, say 12:30pm. You go off to play other stuffs and come back at 12:30 to ride it. This really helps especially when the queues are damn freaking long.

Imagine the Safari World is about 20 to 30 mins long, the bus accommodates about 30 people a time, and the waiting time is still 120 mins. o_o Since it is free, use it to the fullest! Just go to the relevant atraction’s Q Pass counter and show them your ticket. Highly useful!


Another way to dump those queues is go single. I know theme parks are supposed to be done with a group of friends. But sometimes when the queuing gets dreadful, you might want to think about splitting up and ride single. 


So yes, a picture of the single rider card and my ticket. It makes your experience faster because there are bound to be empty spaces and they don’t waste the spaces by getting those who don’t mind riding single fill up the space! Awesome? Yes. (The feeling of riding the ride and knowing that there are people waiting for about 120min for the ride, kekeke, so enjoyable.)




Next thing you should catch is definitely the park’s design for different season. It is so popular for a reason. During different season, they have different designs and decorations for the park, (even the garden too). Let me just show you a few:



Spring 2012.



Summer 2012



Winter 2011


Don’t ask me why I don’t have one for autumn. Beats me. Have never been to Korea in autumn. Dying to go there during that period though. My favourite season and favourite country just couldn’t meet. T^T



Next, calling all Pororo Fans out there! It is a MUST to check out Everland! It has a theme shop for it, and a 3D Show! Wakakakaka! (I know Yoosam building has a Pororo Them park but then again, this can’t be missed!) I myself am a Pororo fan and is super fascinated when I step into Everland.


Of course, do check out the four seasons gardens and rose gardens. Great stuffs there too. Not going to go more into it.


Lastly, for my first post, ending it with something SUPER THRILLING! Put on your seat belt!!





The best thing in Everland: T EXPRESS!

The fall is damn awesome, too bad didn’t have a picture that captures how awesome it is. and this ride lasts for 3 mins plus. keke. MADE OF WOOD!

Never been so scared of getting on a roller coaster ride before. (I was afraid something like final destination was gonna happen) but no. It’s damn stable. and the best thing i’ve ever ride on so far. Never got sick of it and dont think I will for a long time till i find something better.

Try it, #noregrets

There’s a skylift down to the bottom part of the theme park and the wooden thing you see, that’s it. remember to use your Q pass if you don’t want to queue!



So that’s it for tonight, and it’s a damn long post. Sorry! .___.

Will keep it short next time round!

Lduck signing off~!


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