Hello everyone!

Contemplated really long as to whether I should create this blog. Blogging has never been my forte. The blogging feeling just comes and goes like the wind. So I was pretty concerned as to whether this blog will last.

But I just couldn’t help create this blog when I feel I have so much to share!

Not about my daily life, not about FTIsland, Lee Seunggi and whatsoever, but a blog to share my travel experiences.

While plenty of bloggers blog about what they do or is worth doing in a certain country as they live there, mine is going to pretty different. I understand that as a traveller, I would want to have good advices on what’s worth doing in a certain country I’m going to visit, and some blog posts aren’t gonna help much especially when time is a constrain.

So with this thought, I wanted to help each one of you out there search for the best thing, avoid the bad things in a destination, with a tourist mind, a tourist time, and a tourist dime.

PS: my grammar’s really bad to start with, please pardon with them!


Keep a lookout for my upcoming post! 😀




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