[Penang] Clan Jetty

Last year September (just look at how long I procrastinated for this), my family and I went to Penang and one of the place I really liked was the clan jetty.

So some history of the Clan Jetties of Penang. Clan, literally means like a clan of people over here. So there are several jetties you could visit, like Lim jetty, Chew jetty, Tan jetty (which are all surnames of the chinese clan). The area that it sits on now used to be a wood yard littered with planks and firewood. Settlements grew over there after the construction of the Quay and eventually became identified and dominated by certain clans.

The Chew jetty is the most tourist-friendly with the most stilt houses, having the longest walkway and also a really pretty temple.

After hours of walking around the entire Penang, the tiredness was taking a toll on us and my mother thought we should just visit one and call it a day. It had been raining the entire day (strange because it wasn’t exactly monsoon season but the rain just came everyday) and the clouds in the skies were really pretty to look at as the sun sets.


The jetties are really easy to locate, situation right next to the Penang Ferry Terminal as well as the bus terminal, simply follow the direction down and you will be able to see signs leading to the different jetties.

Also, buses from the bus terminal has really a lot of buses and the frequencies are high, hop onto one to get back home or to your next destination!



Cheongju: Su-am-gol (수암골)


Suamgol, for an introduction, is like Cheongju’s Dongpirang, Busan’s Gamcheon village. It sits on the top of the hill, with lots of wall art for you to admire. But what attracts people to this place most is because there is a cafe here which used to be the filming site for The King of baking, Kim Takgu. Paired with an awesome view during the sunset as it sits on top of the hill, this place is worth coming!
I’m not writing this because news of Yoon Shi yoon is getting discharged from army in 7 days time, it just so happened. 😀

Warning: Picture heavy post!

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Happy New Year to all of you!

I need to make it up for you readers real soon. I’ve not been super busy but meh, I couldn’t even do any post during the holidays because I have been playing too much. T^T

And, I’m flying off again tomorrow – To Korea.

I really hope I will be back to do more post! There’s so many things to talk about!!


Busan: Igidae Coastal Walk

Igidae Coastal Walk is one of the lesser known tourist sites in Busan. I came to know about this place while searching through Korean travel blogs and was determined to hike this place after looking at all the pictures.

The park, Igidae (二妓台), was name after 2 gisaengs (courtesan) who were requested to serve the Japanese who were throwing a party at this area. The two gisaengs took the drunken General and jumped into the sea together, as a reprisal of the Japanese invading their homeland.

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Laziness taking over me

I know I haven’t been blogging a lot recently. I actually have A LOT to talk about.

I’m not done with my Korea trip, and I have my Cameron Highlands and Penang waiting. AND my upcoming Hong Kong trip too. (and actually I just kinda realised that I didn’t finish talking about my Taiwan trip too LOL)

I better get all these done soon, but in the meanwhile, please bear with me!

Those heading to Korea, pack warm!! It’s going to be real cold there!

D-3 to Hong Kong!

Andong: Mask Museum & Hahoe Village

I took a day out of Busan to head to Andong and kicked another place off my bucket’s list! It was one of those sunny and hot days, unlike the gloomy rainy days.

Andong’s Hahoe Village gets its name from Nakdong River, which goes around the village.The ‘Ha’ is short for river and ‘hae’ means to ‘turn around, return, come back”, and the village sits right at the bend of the river. I was told by the guide there that the lower parts of the village gets flooded often during rainy season because the river overflows, but the situation is getting now.

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Busan: Cheonsapo & Haeundae railway tracks

I set off this morning hoping to do Dalmaji Road because I have heard so much and seen so many pictures on it. But well, I got lost as usual and ended up being at Cheongsapo, which isn’t bad in my opinion.

Cheongsapo, a place that not even all locals know, is know for their grilled shellfish restaurants (조개구이). The whole stretch of restaurants there sells grilled shellfish and eel and pretty much that.

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Busan: Jagalchi Market & Port

I know I have done a post on this previously, but because I had some more pictures to share, so here goes!

The market itself is really impressive. I have no idea if it is because over the years, the number of tourists has increased so much, but the shop owners here spurts out english or chinese (depending on how you look) to greet you and get you to buy something. butigetthemspeakingsatooritome 뭐 드리게에이?

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